Tacmina Q Series lab pumps are well-known for the ability to consistently move fluids without pulsation and now a range of new, ultra-micro precision laboratory pumps, the Q-5 and Qi-5, are available. The Q-5 Smoothflow pump delivers accurate and repeatable continuous flow of almost any fluid at flow rates of 5µL to 5mL/min at pressures up to 485 PSI.

The Q-5 combines accuracy, pressure, and ability to deliver pulse-free continuous flow without variance. This small (3.5” x 3.5” x 2.5”, 2 lb.) and mighty pump is easy to operate, stackable, and easy to disassemble for cleaning. Offering excellent chemical resistance and many options to customize operation allows the user to have a feature-rich, compact, and easy to use option for continuous flow processing and micro-manufacturing of on-demand chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and more.

All Tacmina smoothflow pumps are designed for gentle, low shear, handling of fluids with no damage or separation of process material. Smoothflow pumps are easy to maintain and are extremely wear resistant. In addition, they provide accurate, precise, and repeatable flow of often difficult to handle materials.

TACMINA is a specialized manufacturer of high-precision diaphragm metering pumps for delicate, difficult, or unusual fluid transfer applications from 5uL to 400LPM. Learn more about the Q-5  when you click here.

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