Got a tough application?

We’ll prove our technology works!

The process is simple – tell us about your application, we’ll recommend a solution based upon our experience, take a demo pump for a FREE 15-day test drive.


It’s the most definitive way to determine if our technology solves your fluid delivery problem.

  • FREE 15-day trial (extension are available)
  • We ship approximately 40-50 demo pumps per year into all kinds of applications from water treatment and food and beverage to chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Demo pumps range from 5uL lab pumps for R&D and micro-manufacturing applications to massive 150L/min. for production chemical manufacturing.
  • Full factory support including on-site training and demo pump integration assistance if requested.
  • We excel at solving difficult applications and during our 60+ year history have developed a massive application database as a reference to help solve your challenge.
Arrange Your Demo Pump

These photos show some of the more than $1 million investment of demo pumps ready to be shipped to recipients for pump trials.