Personal Information Privacy Policy

The Company respects the privacy of customers and is making efforts to protect privacy.

The following is the Company’s policy on the handling and protection of personal information provided by customers to this website.

Some or all of this personal information protection policy may be revised by the Company.

Notifications of important changes will be listed on this website.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

In accurately understanding customer needs and in providing better products and services, we collect a requisite minimum amount of information from customers.

If a customer chooses to provide information, this personal information will only be used for the purpose of advance notification to customers and for proposing the provision of information, etc.

If the need to use this information for other purposes arises, the Company will notify the customer of this new purpose and solicit agreement from him.

Personal Information Usage

The Company uses customer personal information for the purpose of enhancing the product and service contents, providing customers with information on products and services, contacting customers as required, enhancing services by implementing surveys and questionnaires, and for issuing various reports to each internal department.

Content of Collected Personal Information

Information that is to be provided by the customer to the Company includes the customer’s name, place of work, work address, work phone number, and e-mail address, among others. As well, the Company may inquire about additional personal information depending on the type of services used.

Sharing and Disclosure of Information

Tacmina Corporation will never sell, transfer, or loan out your personal information.

However, we may disclose your information if you give your consent for us to do so, in the event that we receive a legally binding formal request from a public institution such as a court or the police, or in the event that we have to share information with a cooperating corporation.

Personal Information Management Method

This website utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to encrypt and protect the personal information provided by customers, prevent unauthorized access of personal information and information leakage to the outside, and to maintain data accuracy. The Company will also take suitable physical measures to ensure that information is appropriately utilized and to manage collected information safely.

Information Dissemination

As for the services provided by the Company, there are times when the customer will be sent information from the Company by e-mail or mail with the customer’s consent.

When information is disseminated by the Company, affiliated companies, or by cooperating companies which have entered into an agreement with the Company to parties who are limited to individuals, the identity of the information sender will be clarified.

If the customer does not agree to receive information, or wishes to cancel or change this policy midway, the Company will provide an easy system for changing the content.


Cookies may be used to maintain security and appropriately provide information to customers.

Cookies are small data files stored in a customer’s hard disc for the purpose of record storage, and are an internet technology for recognizing and retaining customer information.

Cookies are used to appropriately provide information to customers, prevent unauthorized access, and maintain customer security.

The customer can change the settings for the browser being utilized to delete or interrupt cookies, or receive a warning message during cookie set up.

If cookies are deleted or interrupted, the Company’s website service will be unable to read the information previously set by the customer, and provision of the website service for individuals which is customized by the customer will be restricted.

For detailed settings, please see the Help menu for the utilized browser.

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