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BPL Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pump

The compact design coupled with proven performance capabilities enable the BPL to service a wide range of applications.

Industries: Chemistry/New Materials, Environment/Water Treatment

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Max discharge volume

US G/h0.792.213.164.759.515.8431.6847.5279.2158.4316.8475.2

Max Discharge Pressure

BPL-005, BPL-01, BPL-02, BPL-03, BPL-06, BPL-1BPL-2, BPL-3, BPL-5, BPL-10, BPL-20, BPL-30


BPL-005, BPL-01, BPL-02, BPL03, BPL-06BPL-1BPL-2BPL-3, BPL-5BPL-10BPL-20BPL-30
VTCE/VTCF flange type (Kg)12131416466977
STST flange type (Kg)161719266491101

Motor Power Supply

3-phase/ 200 V (50 Hz/60 Hz), 220 V (60 Hz)/4P

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The performance specifications and dimensions are for standard models. Please contact us for information on custom pumps to meet your specific application needs.

Constant and stable flow

  • Little flow rate fluctuation
  • No pulsation

Easy maintenance

  • Disassembly with few tools
  • Simple maintenance of liquid-end parts

No leaking

  • No movable sealing parts preventing liquid leakage and air exposure
  • No risk of foreign matter contamination
  • No fluid leakage

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