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XPL Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pump

The XPL offers lab-grade performance in a rugged plant-floor proven package. The XPL is designed for use in precision coating processes, liquid mixing systems, general chemical injection, laboratory scale transferring of trace amounts, dispersion, mixing/blending, filtration, spray drying, and for use in sanitary systems.

Industries: Chemistry/New materials, Battery/Renewable Energy, Food/Pharma/Biotech, Electronic Materials & Optical Films, Environment/Water Treatment, Sterilization/Disinfection

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Max Discharge Volume

Max discharge volumeModel 001Model 003Model 01Model 03Model 1Model 3
US G/h0.150.441.584.7515.8447.52

Max Discharge Pressure

Model 001 and 003Model 01 and 03Model 1 and 3

Weight (Kg)

Model 001Model 003Model 01Model 03Model 1Model 3
SUS type12.312.312.312.316.417.4
PVC type10.310.310.310.412.212.4

Power supply/Frequency

3-phase 200 V (50Hz)/200/220V (60Hz) standard, 400V (50Hz)/400 440 V (60Hz) motors are also available

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The performance specifications and dimensions are for standard models. Please contact us for information on custom pumps to meet your specific application needs.

Constant and stable flow

  • Little flow rate fluctuation
  • No pulsation

Easy maintenance

  • Disassembly with few tools
  • Simple maintenance of liquid-end parts

No leaking

  • No movable sealing parts preventing liquid leakage and air exposure
  • No risk of foreign matter contamination
  • No fluid leakage

Easy to customize

  • Removable base to reduce size
  • Motor options include standard, general, and explosion-proof
  • Standard or electroless nickel-plated for compatibility with organic solvents
  • Liquid end parts in SS, SS Sanitary, PVC, and PTFE and more

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