Tacmina OEM and Custom Pump Solutions

We develop custom pumps for OEM embedded applications based on our unique, pulseless, Smoothflow technology.

Applications range from extremely shear sensitive APIs and biopharma products to some of the world’s most aggressive chemicals and slurries. We have experience working with DARPA, military/government/defense, diagnostic/analysis companies, chemical & laboratory equipment providers, analytical dosing, and genetic materials separation projects to name a few.

Why Choose Tacmina for OEM/Custom Pump Applications?

  • Technology: Tacmina Smoothflow technology is unmatched for size, efficiency, and performance making it an excellent platform for developing your custom pump solution.
  • Flexibility: Our pumps offer the widest flow range of any manufacturer with accurate, pulse-free metering from 1uL/min. up to 150 L/min.
  • Complete Solution: Tacmina is 100% vertically integrated. From design and test to full, in-house manufacturing, 3D printing and production, we offer rapid prototyping and development including fully functional prototypes from a single unit to full production.
  • Experience: For decades, our engineers have helped companies develop OEM and custom pump solutions. Our products are embedded in equipment operating all over the world and in a diverse range of applications.

Here are a few examples of where you will find Tacmina OEM and custom pumps:

  • Medical devices
  • Chemical/reagent dispensing
  • Micro-fluidics control/delivery
  • Precision fluid sheathing for flow cytometry
  • Critical systems support
  • DNA mapping technology
  • Advanced life sciences automation
  • Precision metering for biomedical and medical diagnostics equipment

Whether using one of our current products in an OEM application or for a custom application that requires complete ground up development, we have the experience to make your project a success.

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Interested in a Tacmina Product?

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