XPL Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pump

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Challenge us with your most demanding fluids and applications.

Smoothflow Pumps for Every Application

Discover the excellent capabilities and features of a Smoothflow Pump for precision-metered, pulse-free liquid transfer.
TPL High Precision, Hydraulic Smoothflow Pump

Ideal for processes that require rigid control and pulseless output, such as optical film, precision coating operations, and high purity pharmaceutical.

PLSS Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pump

Ideal for the precision delivery of high viscosity fluids for slot die coating of battery electrodes and similar materials.

PL Hydraulic, Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pumps

Our most versatile pump platform, the PL can be configured to support nearly any pump application requirement.

APL Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pumps

Ideal for pulse-free flow of difficult-to-transfer chemicals and fluids, such as UV curing resin, urethane resin, and slurries.

XPL Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pump

The XPL offers lab-grade performances in a rugged plant-floor proven package.

BPL Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pump

The compact design coupled with proven performance capabilities enable the BPL to service a wide range of applications.

Q Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pump

The ultimate lab pump for pulse-free, continuous flow processing of almost any fluid.

Committed to North America

Tacmina Corporation Japan has made a substantial investment to serve and support North American customers by establishing Tacmina USA Corporation, based in Schaumburg, IL.

Key Industries & Markets Served

50 Years of Experience in Solving the Most Challenging Pumping Applications.

Chemistry and new materials processes require stable transfer with no alteration of fluid chemistry or quality such as transfer of high-function resins and transfer of chemicals for paper production.

The manufacturing of electronics requires a high degree of precision as well as the ability to move challenging materials.

Tacmina pumps are designed to be used in applications such as treatment of factory wastewater, desulfurization of gas emissions, and treatment of ship’s ballast water.

Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology processes all require reliable sanitary pumps to improve and protect overall product safety and quality.

With the worldwide push toward lowering carbon emissions, energy storage and rechargeable batteries are increasing in popularity.

Tacmina was founded in 1956 to serve the needs of the water sterilization and disinfection industry in Japan. Today, this continues to be a need internationally.

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