Tacmina Smoothflow pumps are well-known for the ability to move difficult-to-transfer fluids and now an even more powerful and robust VPL series of pumps is available. The VPL series of smoothflow pumps can transfer high-viscosity materials up to and exceeding 300,000 centipoise viscosity at flow rates of up to 10 liters per minute.

All Tacmina smoothflow pumps are designed for gentle, low shear, handling of fluids with no damage or separation of process material. Smoothflow pumps are easy to maintain and are extremely wear resistant. In addition, they provide accurate, precise, and repeatable flow rate.

TACMINA is a specialized manufacturer of high-precision metering pumps for delicate, difficult, or unusual fluid transfer applications. Learn more about the VPL when you click here.

Tacmina Smoothflow VPL pump image