Do you see it? The little pink dot on the letter ‘T’ (for Tacmina)?

This precision ground ruby is actually the check ball for our newest, soon-to-be-released pump. The performance of this new lab grade pump is unparalleled and is going to change the way the scientific community and R&D teams use pumps to create new materials, develop new products, and test theories for continuous process manufacturing and microfluidic applications in the lab.

The latest in Smoothflow Technology, enables full pulsefree flow scalability from 5 microliters to 150 liters per minute meaning that processes developed in the lab can go to pilot or production without changing the fluid delivery technology – that’s Smoothflow Technology!

Test it in your lab with our free, 14-day trial program.

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Tacmina Q-5 Laboratory Pump ruby check ball on keyboard to show super small size